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4th Annual San Antonio Symposium on Breast Cancer. San Antonio

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with several thicknesses of flannel and a layer of oiled muslin. The spongio-

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Colposcopy Workshop. Zale Lecture Hall, UT Health Science Center

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an elementary form of disease. Its phenomena and results are the same

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If these symptoms are sufficient to mark the situation of inflammation, or to

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tion. Of forty-two cases analyzed several years ago, the evidence of co-exist-

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evidently a result of some deeper change which has not yet been ascertained.

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tablet and 500 mg ampicillin capsule. Data on file, Wyeth Laboratories.

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trating the interlobular and intervesicular structure.

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Littauer UZ, Dudai Y, Silman I, et al (eds): Neurotransmitters

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IhS limi,S ,he USe,ulness of a " anl 'bacterials, especfally in

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WANTED ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON TO JOIN multispecialty clinic with

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recreational area combining benefits of small town living with nearness

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7. Rose GA: Immobilization osteoporosis: a study of the extent, severity and

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received his premedical education at Baylor University in

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tive control of some cases of upper gastrointestinal hemor-

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rashes and allergic symptoms, including wheezing and sneezing, have occasionally been

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tubes, in the manner already adverted to in the chapter on bronchitis. The

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3600 Gaston Avenue. Suite 303, Dallas, Texas 75246; 214 823-7090

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Deviations from this schedule may be indicated, since no average

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should be avoided, and a dose of 0.88 grams of iodine per

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depression have concomitant symptoms of anxiety. 1 - 2 One author found a distinct

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mg; also contains the following inactive ingredients: propylene glycol,

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disease if it do not go on to the suppurative stage. It occurs in pulmonary

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age of 98. A beloved husband and father, he is survived by

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accounts for the usual clinical findings of ecchymosis and

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proneness, should be given careful scrutiny, for they may impede my

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ment for sale. Retiring due to age and health. Located in medical

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cant impact in the realms of legislation, education, family

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accredited district hospitals, 1968 additions. Excellent potential to

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'uschett JB: Physiologic basisforthe use of new and

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be some ground for this inference, but I have repeatedly known the inflam-

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it has points of difference, relating to the structure affected, and it presents

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