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Tissue Pathology, Exfoliative Cytology, Clinical Pathology,
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The study of inflammation, in so far as it is common to different diseases,
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Klein DF, Gittelman R, Quitkin F, et al: Diagnosis and Drug
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rated and transported, and, passing into the right cavities of the heart, be
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The effectiveness of Valium (diazepam/Roche) in long-
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families selected from the 1 20 families belonging to the
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Category 1 , AMA Physician's Recognition Award, 13 hours. Contact
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2. Nasr SJ: Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency with psycho-
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Enterobacteriaceae 12 with little resulting emergence
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muscular dystrophy. New Engl J Med 294 : 1 93-198, 1 976
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Dropsies receive different names according to their situation. Seated in
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months later because of osteomyelitis involving the first
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Call 713-861-7942 or write Greater Houston Emergency Physicians Asso-
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csBcrr ceHs correspondiog to diiferences of the stractares in which the car-
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Prognosis, Preyention and Treatment — Sense of the Term Indiridual as applied
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habilitation. Houston. Contact Lila Lerner, Office of Continuing Medi-
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appropriate dose of one of these antagonists should
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approaches to this problem. A phone system may provide
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concurrent anxiety and tension in patients with musculoskeletal disease*
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Patients with Renal Failure Cyclacillin may be safely administered
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Deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase ac-
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Severe asthma induced by naproxen — a case report
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Scientific Program, Texas Rheumatism Association. 9am-5pm,
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stage treadmill (Bruce protocol) usually on the initial
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the patient taking the same dose of propranolol as before
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susceptible organisms, including fungi. Appropriate
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“I’d like to get an assessment of all people over 1 00 years
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ing to provide services, their "right” to refuse to provide anes-
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tinue, patients should not operate a motor vehicle or any
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abnormalities. The patient s temperature at admission was
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A 56-year-old woman was bitten by a rattlesnake in the down-
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(65 mg propoxyphene HCI and 650 mg acetaminophen) Wyeth