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mind. I am of opinion that in this regard there are no men with
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had made the tour of inspection at that hospital less than a year before he
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ing developed during an attack of broncho-pneumonia. Temperature
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and the danger of lighting up an inflammation in a bowel already
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chancre never suppurates, but in the chancroid 60 per cent of the
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The book seems to be one well suited to the use of the young mother.
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in addition to sudden chilling of an overheated body, fatigue and
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hold its next meeting in Berlin, comes the report of a very enthusiastic con-
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bathed in sweat, the whole frame relaxed in the intervals between
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the hospitals of New York are greatly overcrowded. This is particularly true
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Tox.," and Dr. O. S. Haines on "Materia Medica Notes." The meeting
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tinal antisepsis. He devotes three lines to naming homoeopathic rem-
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est to me than any case I have had for a long time in the Dis-
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toma developed in the abdominal wound and from it were isolated
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I will refer chiefly to what Dr. Packard has to say about demineral-
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sums are to be placed to the credit of the College subject, like other College funds, to the
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receiving considerable attention of late. The benefit derived in
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Of the many neuroses ascribed to vascular disease it seems de-
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well be answered by calling attention to the unhygienic habits
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Dr R(JOME — That he will move at a future meeting of this Council that a special committee
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an intense itra-cranial pressure. Upon incising the dura a dark
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motor effects. It has also been noticed that thev cause a de-
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vaginations of pia and Pacchionian granulations), pachymeningitis haem-
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quickly by the use of vaccine, — much more quickly than it can be reduced
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a part. The error that exists among the public is the feeling they have t«jwards the Discip-
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ing districts. In those parts the people are very ignorant and need
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an all-around standpoint, but the item of chief concern connected
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3. In fractures with many fragments or with comminution.
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rather than its suppression, so that vaccination was preferred.
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Dr. Bray — I think the committee are quite capable of using good judgment in the
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was occasionally untidy, finally dying suddenly a little more than three years
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and their gravity, to which patients are exposed by the employ-
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The color in radium bromide has been shown to be discern-
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legislation in wliich we shall ultimately succeed in winning what we want ; it is a matter in