Does Meclizine Cause High Blood Pressure

Medical and Surgical Reviews. Sierra Medical Center, El Paso. Cate-

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alert the physician to the possibility of an underlying depres-

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Falls; Louis M. Theimer III, Colorado Springs: Frank Kellert,

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' Beeson-Mc Dermott, Textbook of Medicine, 15th Ed 1979, W.B Saunders Co.,

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B Specialists— Long Term Intensive Psychotherapy- Adolescents- Young Adults

does meclizine cause high blood pressure

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with the usual therapeutic dose. Alcohol may enhance this effect. Drug rash

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5. Sackett DL: Bias in analytic research. J Chronic Dis 32:51 , 1979.

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60 mEq of potassium per teaspoon. Potassium-sparing diu-

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Quinamm should be discontinued if there is any evidence of hypersensitivity

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American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Las Vegas, Oct 16-23,

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by the Board of Trustees of the Texas Medical Association.

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Psychopharmacology in the Practice of Medicine, edited by

does meclizine lower blood pressure

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the doctor’s written approval. Claims without merit are

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unless specific permission to do so has been given. The

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