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shown by nausea and a tendency to collapse. Salivation may also
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women in labor until they can be transferred to the
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tion to the use of the cold bath. The presence of arterio
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and he was soon relieved from this source of trouble. In
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should act by physiological catalysis that is. they should excite
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veterinary sui eons who are practising their profession in Canada
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observation of fourteen such cases. He says that after the extirpa
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which took place in the Olxstetric Section of the British
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heart muscle may be assumed as probable furnish the most suitable cases
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fatal in place of a general and lethal disease. The small
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ing as will allow of the utiHzation of the animal in spite
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Department of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
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about by the defective structure or the lessened power of resistance of
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head of the humerus sej arating the greater tuberosity caused by the sharp
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Dr. Trask carefullv analvsises this table in the followino
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here have been to secure greater freetloro in the move
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kitchen being under a head cook who would be respon
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denuded of its skin there was also intolerance to light great
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rilainH. Many of thsHic are large and important. All have
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There is already sore throat with difficult deglutition
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every few days until the eggs are hatched. If the hen
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to the length of the course of training although many
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universities not yet designated. Instruction will include
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liquid intake is kept below ounces and provided the
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The cases that I have to report are i. Gould s extir
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and at night tenderness over the site of the bursa and occa
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the result of his investigations is that it is converted into stercorine
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this slowly assumes a malignant aspect and the patient is obliged to
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al lifestyle that many of my patients lead can be overwhelming.
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ordinary inflammation of the brain while the diagnosis may be very
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The most extraordinary of these figures are the chest
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cinnati. The manner of his advent together with his
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of tuberculin in the earlier cases of tuberculosis. In this in
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This report was presented to the House of Delegates of the Ameri
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has been acted on by dog s serum containing various amounts
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consequently the haemorrhagic extravasation can only be