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anastomosis by autografts or by nerve splitting, etc.

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and transcends both, in that it is a national problem

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examined — and yet how numerous have been the cases where the

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heart, that is, physical lesions of continuity of its structure, pro-

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measles, rabies, diphtheria, sepsis with or without

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been properly handlerl in the days preceding closure.

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years in college, the entrant will go to the medical

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mainly depends upon tlie stage it is employed in. In the first

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duration of the disease would be shorter in patients

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Combs. — In Afton, Tenn., on Saturday, March 29th, Dr.

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on the first day of the disease to be 6,166; on the

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in different individuals were due to different causes.

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P. 465, No. 209. This woman had been four days in labour before admis-

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in the mammary glands, but solely in an enlarged formation of

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nity in such respects which does not involve the well-advised

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pectation of a disastrous tire, storm, or coincidence.

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to twice its natural size, very red, smooth, and shining, covered with

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