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bougie could be passed only with a great deal of difficulty during the

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from the axone of one cell to the dendrites of the next, the surfaces are

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taneously with great severity and suddenness. On the other hand, in

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monium, and lobelia, and these seem to be of most value when used in

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enormous calcareous mass partly in the subvalvular tissue and partly in

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Fig. 60.— Showing approximate enlargement of the liver corresponding to the different dis-

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sion of septic inflammation is a constant menace. When the peritonitis

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etiology. — It is evident that the factors which produce acute gastric

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tion of the urine with the menstrual, leukorrheal, or urethral discharges.

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great pressure, undergo atrophy and thus become weakened.

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measures. As to the manner of withdrawing the narcotic, much care,

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knowledge afforded by the use of atropin, or, perhaps, one of the

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out by the criticism of the preceding paper that perhaps the regular

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the bowel above the rectum. Attacking the oxyures directly, however,

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ness is usually the first manifestation, though for a few moments before,

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can Edition, under supervision of A. A. Stevens, A.M., M.D., Lecturer

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of which the uppermost is composed of frothy mucus, the intermediate

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and males are more often affected than females. Heredity and traumatism

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ister it to a patient. The use of tuberculin lacks clearness in description.

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has also been described by some authors. It is to be observed, however,

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Illustrated Catalogtie of the ** American Text-Books^' sent free upon application.

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of the pain in that it prevents traction on the ulcer. Certain postures

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muscles and solid viscera of animals. Different varieties of cysticerci

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in most instances to be regarded as a mild gi'ade of lobular pneumonia.

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