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Contact San Benito Medical Associates, P.O. Drawer 642, San Benito,

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which are employed in analogous nervous affections.

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to 72 bed hospital in Central Texas. Guarantee to start with, partner-

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EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN, HOUSTON. Immediate opening at communi-

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the affection is, with sufficient propriety, reckoned among morbid growths.

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Indications: Management of anxiety disorders, or short-term relief of

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thallium 201 scintigraphic study several months after their

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It is difficult to say how far, if at all, the state of hypinosis constitutes an

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will do everything necessary to help you set up practice. For more

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the close contacts of cases. Usually this disease is self-limit-

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morbid changes may be limited to this membrane, or they may extend to the

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defects of the abdominal or chest wall. He published numer-

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of duodenal ulcer (up to eight weeks) and Zollinger-Ellison

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One such provision prohibits delegation to a person who

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remains uncertain, their use being determined largely by the

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Four of the six deaths were physicians who had received a

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back to Mount Enterprise where they stay at their 800-acre

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Diplomate Subspecialty Endocrinology and Metabolism

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7. Gerald PS: X-linked mental retardation and an x-chromosome marker

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practiced in Shiner, Tex, before moving to Ingleside in 1955.

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multidisciplinary educational conferences; (4) patient care

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tinuing Medical Education, Texas Tech University HSC, Lubbock, TX

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onder which individual diseases, severally, are to be considered.

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smaller towns. By 1 985, Texas expects to graduate 1 , 1 00

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' Vide Dictionnaire de Nysten, eleventh edition, art. Tumtur,

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OB/GYN — Board certified, eligible. Central Texas area. For rapid, full

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tion. 61 Renal insufficiency is not associated with significantly

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the so-called catarrhal and spasmodic varieties of croup, the croupal pheno-

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There have been a number of outbreaks of rubella in hospi-

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Pnenmorrhagia, or extravasation of blood into the air-cells, and in oertala