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Hematopoietic — Transient fluctuations in leukocyte
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jarly removal of poisoned tissues. The morbidity en-
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were temperate. At the end of a week he w%is visited by some one (not a
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recognized payees, suspicious signatures or endorse-
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professor's class at The University of Texas, thinking, per-
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this variety of bronchitis ; and, as regards its clinical history, it presents a
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tical view, only the diagnosis of carcinoma claims much consideration.
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Tlie significance of tlie term incubation is thus apparent. Again, the clinical
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third stages of acute pleuritis, consisting of the milder hydragogues, diuretics,
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Because trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole may inter-
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they are common to a greater or less number of individual diseases. Their
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OB-GYN, HOUSTON, TEXAS. To associate with well established prac-
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ies of the etiology of disease. N Engl J Med 261 :571, 1959.
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escape detection. One of my colleagues recently experienced a slight pnin
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Usually a potassium deficiency can be corrected by oral adminis-
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peared to provide adequate treatment of the same regional
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respiratory arrest, where such a direction has not been ap-
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512 773-5358, Maverick County Out-Patient Clinic, Inc., Box 921, Eagle
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Arts Clinic, 1731 West Wheeler, Aransas Pass, Texas 78336; telephone
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have always wanted in life. I will travel to glamorous places,
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kroaeho-veaicniar respiration, exaggerated vocal resonance, and increased
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With continued commitment by the state and its citizens,
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8210 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, Texas 75231; 214 361-9148
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1501 West 11th Place. Big Spring, Texas 79720; telephone 915-267-6361.
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2. Bac-Data Bacteriologic Report. Professional Market Research,
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eumycetes, yeasts, actinomycetes, phycomycetes and various other
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outlet, or, in other words, upon a mucous surface, they constitute fluxes.
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present Stillbirths in mothers taking quinine have been reported in which no
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which it is connected incidentally, it is characterized especially by phenomena
tricore matrix
evaluate the potential benefits of the drug against any possible
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be perceived, implies wasting of the tissue proper to the parts affected, with