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each tablet in 4 ml aqueous solution of 0.2 N HCI. For ingesting the resulting

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nonparalyzed limb is much lower, bed rest alone is unlikely to

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Box 11340, 1415 Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76109

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150 West Parker Road, Houston, Texas 77076; 713 691-3905

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owner/member deposits — twice each year since the

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camp program where they were encouraged to take full re-

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Additional training and/or experience required. Flexible schedule, fee-

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Ophthalmology Center, 281 1 Lemmon Ave East, Dallas, TX 75204

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Computed Tomography and Ultra Sound. The Grand Hotel, Houston.

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or the bronchioles, are not Uie seat of inflammation in this affection. They

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be avoided which tends to impair the appetite, disorder digestion, and lower

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nonparalyzed limb is much lower, bed rest alone is unlikely to

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treatment would not seem to explain the increased loss of

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nurses (or equivalents) and two dietitians (or equivalents) for

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valid given the underlying stability of the rural populations

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The inhalation of medicated vapor has, of late years, been revived, and, at •

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Statistical analysis substantiated our initial impressions that

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cures cannot be expected in all patients with chronic respi-

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documented significant coronary artery disease. The loca-

levlen ed tablets 12 x 28

extremities, extrapyramidal symptoms, syncope, changes in EEG patterns

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loftening, and at length is, in like manner, removed. Hence, as the affec-

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ties is available upon request. New listings, changes, or

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fore their birth. Physicians who treat expectant mothers may

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happiness will not be likely to be benefited by being sent away, especially if

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