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should be given to the consideration of adequate opera-

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but the patient was sure he had never used any, though he re-

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Die Physiologic als Erfahrungswissenschaft. Von K. F. Burdach.

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J. Archer Watson, H.D., Trinity University, Toronto, 1885,

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occasional shooting pains in the left side; passes his urine easily only

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Brieuz, a playwright, called the "Substitutes," the question

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ture. After laborious search, he found where he could obtain

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human blood, but it was found necessary for a consider-

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were partially separated, but barely sufficient for the discharge of urine.

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of the button could be nicely seen. From the lower margin of

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nerves of the iris; we shall presently see why then the iris is at all affected

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Heim urges this as absolutely necessary for the protection of the public.

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industrial colony. It is expected that the large amount of

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If the level of the fluid in the aspirating jar keeps falling, a

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much tremulousness of the tongue, when it was protruded. In the treatment

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when it is considered that these patients are almost

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fermentation, and therefore the oxaluria and indica-

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we can see it, hear it, and feel it; it escapes but slowly through the con-

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vivors of extraperitoneal incisions 41 per cent. Konig,

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the stomach or a benign stenosis of the pylorus and con-

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1. — Sumrnanj of Cases treated in Women^s Medical Ward, Nos. 1, 2. and 3,

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days, very considerable excitement was produced, attended with some

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s dangerous amount of traction to deliver the organ and

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12. — See abstract in The .Toxibnal, xxxv, p. 1425.

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cases to which it is difficult to apply it we should set them aside for further

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ures of extermination. A reaction set in, the personel

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reaction. On the contrary, of the so-called "mountain

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of little more than natural frequency ; countenance haggard; complains of

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