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show a childish affection for those with whom they live, but the affection is
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lectures; Metallurgy, twelve lectures, unless included in Practical
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ment of Medicine of which at least .6 major must be in Neurology, .4 major in Psychia-
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a. Military personnel win not usually perform Class 3 Inspections on shell eggs.
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development of the disease ; that is, severe general bodily concussion, such as a
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"A preference to be given to candidates of the names of Thomson or
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movements of the head and eyes to one side, tongue, angle of the mouth,
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Recoimnend the issue of fish that ^re showing deterioration or storage
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Instruments, Histology, History of Medicine and Surgery. The
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course ; Anatomy, 7i guineas ; Chemistry, 6^ guineas ; Library, parts
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£40; for the fourth year, £20; or one sum of £55 on entrance for
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development may be due to a great variety of pathological changes in the
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To what extent, if at all, that portion of the peripheral nerve which is sep-
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12. Clinical Surgery. — A clinical and conference course in general surgery. M., Tu.,
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duction of the different qualities of sensation, for the coordination of move-
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may also cause a compression of the cord. The inner surface of the dura at
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almost perpendicular to the surface of the back (vide Fig. 137). We can
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Hyperesthesia of taste is rare, and it has been seen almost exclusively in
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of Medicine, and it is held in the German language.
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