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haemorrhage. Eight days later it was covered by a crust and seemed to be

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at longer intervals. A description is given of the method of applying the

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The plasma colour has been determined by the method of Meulengracht.

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heart-block is not due to a direct toxic action of the carbon monoxide on

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February, 1911. He was then confined fo bed for two weeks. He takes

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developed eye lesion, and developed many infections. No rachitic symptoms

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Here the duodenum, and even the stomach, may be so tied up with

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as destruction of the sacral region of the cord, since these are the only nerves

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658 WILBUR, ADDIS : urobilin: its clixical significance

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by the touch of a normal hand, is relatively infrequent.

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Br am, I. Diagnostic methods in exophthalmic goitre, with special reference

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Rehfisch. tiber den Mechanismus des Harnblasenverschlusses und der

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the sputum, if these are virulent, a culture may be most rapidly

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the best criterion of sugar-splitting was provided by an increase in hydrogen-

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and to the pubic spine indicates the degree of penetration of the head, and

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sigmoid flexure and rectum. An artificial anus was made in the left inguinal

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butyric acid, aceto-acetic acid, and acetone. To trace the develop-

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bengale auf rote Blutkorperchen und den Zusammenhang von Aufnahme und

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majority of recurrences following cholecystectomy were mechanical and

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In all probability, both absorption and destruction are at work.

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x-ray examinations. The two reports were then placed side by

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In blood, whether hirudinized, citrated, or defibrinated, the ratio of CI

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In weaker or stronger amounts the effect is not obtained. It seems, then,

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suffocation haemorrhages, and from Kratter's mediastinal blood-spots. The

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lethal dose, which remains the same in both cases. But guinea-pigs

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tration on the growth of typhoid bacilli in media containing bile or bile salts,

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and 182). Case 182, a man, had general edema for fourteen years

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is particularly prevalent a positive Wassermann reaction in malarial subjects

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The authors preface their paper with a brief historical review of the

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nary standard of human intellect ; indeed almost above com-

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anic, formic, tartaric, citric, oxybutyric, oxyisocaproic, lactic, pyric, acids,

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most remarkable occurrence was that the hay on which these animals were

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occurs at rest or in bed, nor is it ever caused by slow, regular movements.

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of the conduction time from 0.1 second (Fig. 4) to 0.14 second

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case showed an organism corresponding to the coccus generally found in

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used. But what necessary evidence was lacking of a meningitis?

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Strictures on Phrenology, showing that Anatomy, Reason, Common Sense, and

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rapid emptying of contents so that the greater portion of the

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practice. *My novel and daring mode of administering tartar-