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in a forward-looking health services organization. Individuals who are

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even of considerable size, may gradually contract and, at length, perfectly

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Equally important, Valium is generally well tolerated.

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divided doses for 10 days. Use identical daily dosage for 5 days for shigellosis.

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inheritance mode. They do point out, however, that the ma-

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13. Dudzinski PJ, PetroneAF, Peroff M, et al: Acute renal failure following

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this epidemic in 1832. Nearly all the patients in the hospital were affected,

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the blood, in the regulation of the passage of liquids through the coats of

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breast tissue is detected early and treated promptly, we can

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there is a deGciency of the functional energy of different organs, the more

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and the editors will consider development of a column.

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oxcarbazepine carbamazepine

bronchioles make np the lobules, and these, united by means of areolar tissue,

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â–  American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons, Dallas, May 29.

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to detect significant depression in children and adoles-

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to practice his specialty. He continued his practice for 25

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course, the duty of resorting to the operation is the more imperative the

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SNOWM ASS /VAIL "MEP" SKI SEMINAR on Management Enrichment

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parts,, other than the lungs. The heart may be displaced. The calibre of

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titioners and a general surgeon, with possibilities in private practice,

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tration of potassium supplements With normal kidney function,

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Ad-148, TEXAS MEDICINE, 1801 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78701.

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sion studies for blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, and coc-

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with excess cancer and respiratory disease mortality, pp 117-126, in Selikoff

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save in intensity, and no amphoric sounds. The impulse of the heart was

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forts at respiratory resuscitation and the antagonist

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The terms carcinoma and cancer have been used heretofore with much

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activity than overweight patients. That s the basis of my work.

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ita Falls since 1937. He was a graduate of Hendrix College in

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within an hour from a city with 100,000 4- population. Pleasant climate

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until the age of majority, that is, age 18. However, the Texas

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Antibiotics, including Ceclor, should be administered

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Dr Harris, an obstetrician-gynecologist, had lived in Lub-

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MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Available authorized tax information and financial planning for depreciation through Medco

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7711 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 801, San Antonio, Texas 78229

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These are, perhaps, occasional sources of pyaemia, but in the great majority

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