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valley; so, as regards the mental manifestations, the observation of the poet

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prolonging their duration and rendering them anomalous in some of their features.

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at Shanghai and Yokohama, and were, in my opinion, attributable in

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cantharidin is dissolved out of the parenchymatous portion of the fly, and being

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sickness and mortality by bronchitis and other diseases of the

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and usefulness in the routine of supervision, or, as Dr. Maudsley

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diseases of the urinary organs, 1823, p. 376, relates a similar case. A

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tion, were those of hsematocele, but the antecedent history

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two cases, where at the autopsy proof of inflammation in this

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and Marriages in England. London: 1810. 8vo. pp.240.

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Christian science, perhaps, or just coincidence? If

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to the sixth and seventh dorsal vertebra}, and the cervical swelling was softer

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cured. Although division of the fraenum will succeed in many cases, it will not

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The one may pass into the other, and either be followed by dysentery or

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apparently rainnte question whether the origin of optic neuritis is

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svmpathetic influence. Dr. Maats enters at some length into

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him at the time of his first phenomenal public appearance.

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longer than usual, to awake with a certain degree of stupor, and complained

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in impressions made upon the senses we acquire. . . A general

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100 years. The author believes that in the present day such

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Symptoms of enlarged tonsils are more or less insepar-

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in many Continental countries tliat the Emperor of the French deemed it neces-

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third one, a child, in whom was observed a " rapid and short concussion of the

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although the fact of one or two alkaloids subliming unchanged cannot

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6. Marsh's Jlpparatus. — The reader who has followed us thus far will

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heed. In the body there exists a certain relation between heat pro-

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found in suph cases, and will remember that he supposed that the soft-

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influences; they consisted chiefly in remittent bilious fever, and intermittent

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the irido-cyclitis is developed is of no avail, and its only chance of

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Castile. Besides the mainland of Spain, two of the Baleanc islands

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ing logs. Two fine days out of three are the usual proportion, even

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ment is wanting. In 1831 the epidemic commenced in July, that of 1865 in Jnne.

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swamp, intersected by lagoons and bayous. Thus has the Mississippi con-

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globules in the mass of the blood, mixed with the coloured globules; but their

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other castes, who are omniyores, fish to a great extent takes the

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a primitive formation with a sandy and sterile soil, whilst that of the lakes

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digest. Patent medicines which are free from harm in

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