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6802 Mapleridge, Suite 205. Bellaire. Texas 77401; 713 666-4224
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RIMSO® - 50 (dimethyl sulfoxide) is indicated for the symptomatic relief of patients with
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472-8760 or write to 800 E. 30th, Suite 106, Austin, Texas 78705.
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JCAH Workshop. 10am-12pm, Rooms N224-247, Dallas Con-
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In the event of accidental overdosage, supportive measures, including gastric
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Charles Hurd Brown, MD, Wichita Falls’ first psychiatrist and
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(hemodialysis facility); Centeno vs Roseville Community Hospital, 167 Cal
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“What's new: Childhood infectious diseases in adults," p 41 ).
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weighted 8Fr feeding tube (Dobbhoff enteric feeding tube,
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Both of these preparations contain pramoxine hydrochloride,
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L. Mott, Malone and Hogan Clinic, 1501 West 11th Place, Big Spring,
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to sell his well established and successful north Dallas practice. For
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puscles suspended in serum, and not by the introduction of the other consti-
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Tissue Pathology, Exfoliative Cytology, Clinical Pathology,
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expanded beyond the boundary of initial debridement. Additional debride-
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Upshur, Gladewater, Texas 75647; telephone 214 845-2281.
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the drug at low dose levels, increasing the dose slowly, and
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discussion is directed specifically toward this disorder. Firstly
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Dallas, Fee $400, complete course, $300, basic course; $1 00, pa-
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