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which the child appeared to have perfectly recovered.
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very article which excites the indignant pity of our Purist, details cases
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Rnjia, of Scammony, of Tobacco, &c. which two tali
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while drawing on their boots; tliis accident may be surely avoided by
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this, is, I must confess, something for which I was
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much reduced in strength. He gave himVeratrum alb. and Kreasotum
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fever; pulse 72. Convalesced slowly, and was dismissed cured.
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rapid evacuation of the uteilne cavity in labor is a
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to the inclemency of the weather, took the disease just as readily as the
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tion. You will recollect, here, that the scale was vibrating between
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of Asiatic cholera. It is likely, too, that its rate of spreading is sub-
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supervened on inflammation principally limited to the kidneys. In
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and is in the hands of some twenty or thirty native Christians who have
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sleep together in congested quarters below deck. The ventilation was
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to the eclge of the knife. The hull was found partially imbedded in
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however, that even its utility is necessarily proportioned to the diligence
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Hue into two halves. I questioned him closely on the occurrence,
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tive treatment. The medical cases were tabulated, and the age and
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explosive is a solid or a liquid which can be readily converted to a gas.
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Conjunct, pustulosa and exanth., 8 ; Ecchymosis, 1 ; Keratitis super-
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painter^s colic ; and the analogy likewise holds good as to the violent
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Dr. Russell read a paper upon the Physical Indications of Longevity.
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cases was the loss of muscular power so great as to deprive the patients
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phases of their cycle, and not merely the larger or the mononucleate
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Mo. ; Matthew Seavey, Portland, Me. ; G. W. Smith, Cincinnati, O. ;
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ble, and the function of the retina is not restored.
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vailed very extensively, but give little that is new in treatment.
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the past and predict the future. But the surface of the earth abounds
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Eupatorium Cannabimtm Famina-,\sy Bauhinus,C<rawa-
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tendency to grind his teeth, which gradually increased to such an extent
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I have already spoken of the dilatation of the arteries and veins of
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it would appear that the disease first destroyed the membrana tympani,
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abdomen preserved its form, was supple and indolent, except in the
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and the province Shirwan in June, 1830 ; and thus spreading to Baku,
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officers of the past year, and especially to L. Macfarland, M.D., for