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great exception to find any indications of disturbance in the spleen or lymph-

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always stood behind the male students ; but we did crowd

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" go on forever ; " but the views entertained thereon, at least by

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Hospital, to the last of which he has contributed several

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but apparently not troublesome ; takes food fairly, swallowing

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ter and spring months. The same conditions of dust prevailed

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persists despite the best of food and air. Here we are forced to the conclusion

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and that, with regard to haemorrhage, lesions of middle

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the brightest role that is permitted to man on this beclouded

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admirable a work ; "pathognomic" for " pathognomonic" (p. 83),

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The Bqy and the Bone-Setter. — Speaking of bone-setters recalls a good

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had to be given up. It may be truly affirmed that brandy and

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mentally deficient in the State, an appropriation of ten thousand

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and other troubles too numerous to be catalogued here, may

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ized in the bone marrow; during fetal life the liver and spleen (pulpa) also

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full, compressible ; no heart-murmurs ; face somewhat flushed ;

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Society, 1888; "A Malignant Tumor in an Umbilical Hernial Sac,

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like the bullet itself, forming a shower of secondary pro-

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New York State Medical Society to the International Congress. Of

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unusual thoughts and acts foreign to all the man's past history.

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F.R.C.S., and V. D. Harris, M.D. New York: William Wood & Co., 1885.

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Dr. Cutler has contributed much to medical literature that has

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Innumerable have been the apparatus proposed ; many

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there was central disturbance I could not positively decide. His

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emphasis on the adjectives " recent" and " scientific."

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The foregoing experiments prove that hydrastine exhausts the

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only through the large clinics that were served, but by

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the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, from which he graduatld in 1853 with

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Some of his published papers are as follows ; " Typhoid

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warm water. The symptoms were immediately relieved ; and on

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1913 "Unilateral Fused Kidney" — American Journal of Obstetrics.

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is even more emphatic : " If a patient dies, we open his body,

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IRGIL PENDLETON GIBNEY, A.M., LL.D., M.D., eminent spe-

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the surgical neck (spur). We must, however, be sparing

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It is noticeable that Dr. Tompkins employs the word " ob-

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tesimal, at least, have obvious remedial virtues, — and without

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and surgical instruments devised by Dr. Hayden. He has likewise

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inferior maxilla must always be looked upon as grave.

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angular. In the attack the point of the lance is directed