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Inc. 210 Clinton Rd , New Hartford 13413. Tel: 315/735-
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Bi-Monthly. Price per year : Paper, $8.00. Cloth, $12.00.
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cinnati, and Frank Warner, Columbus; Directors, C. E. Ford, Cleve-
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Lyman Watkins, Blanchester, Ohio, died January 21, aged 57.
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for histology and for clinical microscopy, rooms for assistants,
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The dualistic nature of the organ is emphasized — the author believing
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registered in a school, whether he is present or absent, and if
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twice as high as when diazepam is taken with water (373
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cular with dry rales over entire chest; expiration is prolonged,
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recorded message which gives general VD information and
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The right leg has been amputated about the middle third, and on the
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termine. 8 It seems probable that all three possibilities are
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in which no symptoms have appeared for many years, and in the course
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The chapters on the more recent operations present their value and limita-
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to be a good listener and at times made some apt remarks.
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an excessively dangerous drug in the hands of one accus-
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That Cleveland should be active in this matter is especially
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dog and noted temporary weakness of the hind legs ; but one
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Adrin Suppositories, Adrin Tablets 1-65 gr., Adrin Tablets Hypodermic
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in different cases, but there are always periods of ease alternated
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only will one drug have a largely different lethal dose per kilo of body