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which it is obtained — Stages of Disease — Precursory or Prodromio Events —

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may be altered), hyperuricemia and gout, digitalis intoxica-

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titiooa principles. When the functions of the skin are arrested by cold,

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Written permission from the Executive Editor must be obtained be-

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tetrapeptide that is capable of stimulating phagocytosis.

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reliance upon them, rendering it difficult to relinquish their use. I have

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Harry Page Redwine, MD, 76, an honorary member of Texas

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and community; however will respond to all inquiries. Please reply to

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recognizable. The features, to use a French expression, are decomposed,

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County Medical Society Officers' Update. 2-5pm, Rooms N222-

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tions. Available immediately. No other physicians in the county Clinic

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therapy, psychopharmaco logy and ethology. Basic clinical orientation

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Brookhaven Community College, Farmers Branch. Fee $125. Cate-

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Center Hospital. Write or call for additional information. Berry Property

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quinine is excreted in breast milk (in small amounts)

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dents in the two types of settings — urban and rural. This

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For enteritis due to susceptible strains of Shigella flexneri and Shigella sonnei

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tials in confidence to Sue Haberman, 845 East Arapaho, Suite A-l,

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Limbitrol should not be taken during the nursing period Not recommended

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sideration. In treating of each individual disease, the inquiry will arise

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3. The affections embraced under the name Bright's disease.-^Assocf-

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patients’ interest and will not exploit or deceive patients. A

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reported series, with both showing a greater prevalence of

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Reactions are classified under “Causal Relationship Unknown" if seven or more events

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morbid excess would be over-activity of the circulation and undue excita*

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about 1 5 percent of patients and include morbilliform

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Place, Big Spring, Texas 79720; telephone 915-267-6361.

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Antonio, 7703 Floyd Curl Dr, San Antonio, TX 78284 512/691 -6295

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served a rapid and notable diraunition of the frequency of the pulse and of

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or advanced age, quality of life is a factor to be considered in determining

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2.0 millicuries of thallium 201 were injected intravenously.