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rendered aseptic by thoroughly washing with antiseptic solutions, the
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nostrils may be permanently or temporarily occluded. Hearing is impaired,
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effusion, containing more or less cellular elements, that distinguishes
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not be used in cavities of the body where absorption may take place.
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the tubes becomes obliterated and filled with swollen cells — the changes
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affecting the inflamed area may be found in the planes of fascia, in con-
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spread out around the tumor. Certain spinal nerves which run down
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Differential Diagnosis. — When the bile-ducts are involved a diagnosis may
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rence of the chill and fever there is also a rapid increase in the frequency
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cells are its occasional ingredients. The endothelia of the peritoneum are
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gutta-percha. The axilla should be well- padded and the shoulder en-
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ties. The mucous membrane of the stomach and rectum is oftenest the
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festations of diphtheria have disappeared, patients experience a degree of
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rhoea, from general dropsy, and from uraemia or other complicating
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The ulcer was full of maggots and was extremely foul, yet by the use
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necessary to use splints, bandages, strappings, etc., such means as are
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Treatment. — Under no circumstances are depressing remedies to be given.
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hyoid muscles. The bones may be manipulated into position, and the
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her for future occasions. The constant oyersight of both head nurses
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may coexist [strumous nephritis, of English authors), and the entire mu-
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while in Sylvester's method, the manipulation should be done with the
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result in marked shortening of the limb, since the limb will no longer
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.^tances, when the general symptoms of emphysema are well marked, the
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local nutrition. Lesions directly, or reflexly, affecting the circulation,
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offensive fluid continually oozes from the anus. Communications with the
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urinary abscess, causing flstulae, this being the result of straining in
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At nearly every autopsy there will be found a dark red clot of blood in
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valvular disease or degeneration of the heart-walls will be found to co-exist.
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climate. Those living in the mountains should go to the sea ; those at
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debilitated, and in those who have been bled or depressed by treatment.
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and collapsible and of long standing the gauze should be lightly packed
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bral symptoms are urgent, ammonia may be combined with quinine.
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muscular spasm affects the upper extremities the finger nails may be