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is decomposed in the lung, and the oxygen and electricity there

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The sound of the voice heard in the ear, appears more grave and a little

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is absolutely necessary. I was formerly in the habit, in all cases

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general law of surgical pathology, which states that in pro-

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April 12th — Slight cough ; gave enema and light nourishment.

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to the bills sent out in the July issue, have our sincere thanks, and

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in the remotest degree, the operation of remedies by absorp-

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but their place is secondary to the use of the stomach-tube and

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that paralysis, and not spasm or convulsion, will occur. All this

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The muscles arising from the pubes and ramus of the ischium were

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After using the bath for sometime, and occasionally after the

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it implicates the medulla oblongata and its pneumogastric nerve.

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is the object of the writer to show that this displacement can be

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Dr. Wra. E. Coal, as well as myself. In no instance have I seen any ill

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Abscess — Simulating Malignant Growth. — The cases here

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promises union, with a shortening of about an inch. I am sorry

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garded as of no special consequence. While she had not been

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This cavity may in its turn become connected by an ulcerative

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change, in which the effect is not a motion, but a modifica-

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haustion of the system, and are not equal to grapple with a

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sensations to which this tumor gave rise, I advised its extirpation

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pressed a wish for food. On July 3d this moribjind girl was pro-

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The most interesting part of Mr, Butcher's communication is

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constructed the Voltaic pile — the next was the formation of the Gal-

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by a dignity seldom seen in medical organizations. Much of all

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to the students, will the friends of the measure tell us in what way

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patient, at. 25 years, married, had suffered two years from a tumor of the

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There is an additional fact or series of facts : the spinal marrow

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be little secretion, and, it may be added, less tormina or fever, the

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sympathy." The elements of sympathy, as set forth in the