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symptoms of it ; his fits of weeping ; his sudden paroxysm of passion ; his

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delivered in Detroit, between the lecture terms of the Medical De-

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relapse had occurred, or the alveolo-dental pyorrhoea was present.

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Medical and Surgical Journal, has reported six cases of puerperal convul-

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and would be better enabled to avoid expensive litigation growing out of that

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lation, which accident had already commeneed. In doing this,

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two months' standing, without expectoration. Pain in left breast, &c

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enlightened upon the point. Unless we are thus informed, we put this down

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rotation of the limb, conjoined with adduction, or abduction, as

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1. The establishment of a collegiate year divided into two terms, one of

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hernial sac bulging up out of it. A grooved director should be

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of time one may desire. It would seem, therefore, that in cases of

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that we deem no excuse is necessary for transcribing them.

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before the public, biographical sketches of living individuals, who have suc-

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motion, except where mental action is involved ; and none

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All this is accomplished through the lower medulla and its ana-

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for hydrochloric acid. The red color which was produced was

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containing besides some nitrogenous substance, no fermenta-

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continuous throughout its length. It is with the portion which

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general hospital is an indispensable adjunct to a State medical school, and

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compression generally" I leave it to be answered by Dr. M. The

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stituted, the effectual remedy, tor the laryngeal asphyxia in all

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the effects of phosphorus in his doses. Thus, he says, that it cannot

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3. The award shall be made under the following conditions :

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holic solution or tincture. By S. Ames, M. D., of Montgomery,

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was a sufficient task-master, and no rigid disciplinarian was re-

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at times very strikingly and dangerously manifested ; but it is rather owing

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term of study, to say nothing of its munificent endowment, to provide the

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administer it properly. 3rd. The bicarbonate of soda, used as

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out giving her any relief. The discharges from the bowels became

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vapour applied by the douche, and confined to this part by a bell-

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to be sufficient to show us that the plan may be safely, easily and

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Saccharized Alcoholic Extract of Ipecacuanha. — Mr. A. G. Dunn, in the

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disked for in the memorial, and that they were hopeful of its final pas-

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Our object in writing this Essay is to aid in the correction of some

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and was said to have died very suddenly — her death being attributed to dis-

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ously question the wisdom of this step. We are happy to testify to

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water — employed only in collapse. And here, to avoid recurring

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