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sudden appearance of general excitement, with a sensation of warmth in the
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words. If these words are of an objectionable character, we speak of so-called
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work or any strenuous activity. Nothing, however, would be more improper
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quarters in the hospital furnished at a small charge. Reservations should be made well
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stituents of a mixed diet, allowing the other alone to be eaten. A varied diet
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the chief large towns in Ene^land, under the authority of a board entitled
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for the purpose of obtaining a license, it is necessary that all students
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Beigel, Hermann, M.D. Berlin, 19, Wohiirn-place, Bus-
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resi>ects, eitber in tbis, or some otber recognised institution. Tbe
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Course of Zootichine, by Andr6 Sawson, 15fr. 75c. ; " The Treatise on
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7. Movements of athetosis is the name we give to peculiar involuntary and
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Read paragraph 4 on page : 7-20 of the Student Tefxt to learn how egg«
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Our knowledge in regard to the questions as to where the degeneration be-
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sort of tetanus, so that it cannot be immediately relaxed. It is obvious that
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in general pathological histology, supplemented by the study of gross specimens, attend-
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but it is to be distinguished from the hereditary spastic paralysis above
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Prizes, &c. — The Morri/n prize is the interest of 2000 dols. This is
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judgment from this at the beginning of the paralysis, but only at the end of
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by the further course of the illness. It should also be understood that unilat-
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must separate two simultaneous cutaneous irritants from each other, in order
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French — ^Translation into English and the accidence of grammar;
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the narrow bands between C and D indicative of methemoglobin. It is there-
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mended to extend the course of study over five years.