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tionale for their use is to suppress antibody formation and
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mydriasis, xerostomia, blurred vision, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constii
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TEXAS NEEDS DOCTORS. Numerous cities throughout the state in
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leans. Relocating to Houston later this year. Looking for office space
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The distinetive feature of a dropsy is, that the liquid which escapes through
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worker with Pennsylvania State College Extension Service.
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used. Fourfold or greater increase of IgG titer to Campylo-
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traindications are relative, not absolute. Congestive heart
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metic formulations have a low factor, which means some pro-
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then discontinue the drug only to suffer a flareup of arthritis,
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tial oliguria with azotemia and rising creatinine levels after 24
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topical applications within the larynx are not called for.
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episiotomies and other vaginal surgery or when relief from vaginal
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Sciences Center Hospital in Lubbock on March 22, 1979.
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The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, including
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tion, ready to testify before the Legislature about the need
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gynecomastia, menstrual upset Hematopoietic System: Bone marrow depression, agranulo-
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scribed. Since physicians may now designate agents to com-
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Texas Emergency Medicine Symposium. Houston. Contact Ruth
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pathology; spasticity caused by upper motor neuron disorders; athetosis;
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Upshur, Gladewater, Texas 75647; telephone 214 845-2281.
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He is survived by his wife, Sang Connolly, Lakewood, Calif;
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driven into the pulmonary artery, and give rise to obsffuction of this vessel
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Clarke; mother, Mrs Avery M. Clarke; son, William Van Hala
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neasures are called for. The liability of its occurrence in connection with
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Premature Labor: Pathophysiology and Clinical Management.
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