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Incidence Greater Than 7% (but less than 3°/o) - Probable Causal Relationship

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dia was present. The chest roentgenogram showed bilateral

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when evaluating the desirability of including a drug as part of a weight reduction program Abuse

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effort to recognize their deserving members. We recommend

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the barium is used as an indicator on an abdominal scout film

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dextrose solution containing 10-20 units of crystalline insulin

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transplant recipients. Twenty improved with intravenous

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dysuria. palpitation, tachycardia, hypotension/hypertension, faintness, dizziness, tin-

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elsewhere, ultimately training and locating in Texas, has

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Management of a Medical Practice. Texas Tech University Health

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true, as is highly probable, that this structural change is either dependent

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1981 Mary J. Waterstraat, 875 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1850. Chi-

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This definition was challenged during the 67th legislative

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bnles, the respiratory function is compromised, and danger f^om apnoea may

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one of the major objectives of most camps. The children are

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tion, certain state medical and specialty societies have im-

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Paul M. Zoll, MD, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Tenth Texas

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6710 Fannin. Suite 320, Houston, Texas 77030; 713 790-1954

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the terms omologous or omomorphous, and heterologous or heteromorphous,

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Tessels connected with the pulmonary artery. In the circumscribed form,

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other pulmonary affections, in his work entitled Physical Exploration and the Diag-

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have simply failed to be immunized properly when they were

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ciency of hospital professionals. (Ideally, the CPR instructors

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tNot all isolates may have been tested using both discs.

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a grave prognostic sign. Spitalier, who treated women with

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P malariae was identified in the bone marrow aspirate smear,

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Japan, Korea, Israel, Argentina, etc) and to hold a professor-

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Recognition Award; AAFP, Prescribed; 24 hours. Contact Carol Ber-