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Medical Examiners issues its rules. All physicians should

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the obstruction due to the exudation, compromises respiration sufficiently to

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affecting the larynx is laryngitis. This name should take the place of the

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plan specialist and revenue agent. Pension and profit sharing plan

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not be delayed Copious gastric lavage and or induc-

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sepsis. The risk is clearly highest in patients undergoing

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Severe renal impairment with oliguria or azotemia, untreated

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swallowing, CNS stimulation. Treatment should consist of gastric

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Licensing Examination (FLEX) in order to become licensed

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in consequence of the attention being too much engrossed with the measures

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containing multinucleated giant cells of the Langhans type.

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onder which individual diseases, severally, are to be considered.

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Experience and pathological reasoning combine to show that bloodletting

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1 5. Tucker JA, Yarington CT Jr: The treatment of caustic ingestion.

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effective September 1, 1981, $39,200 plus emoluments. Benefits include

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this condition, in conjunction with the increase of fibrin in the blood (hyperi-

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viiluo of opium, of course, is derived from experience, and there is ample

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ttiat the laborious efforts of breathing may be carried on for a length of time

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severe manifestation of chronic intoxications is psychosis, often clinically indistinguishable from