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suffix expressive of hemorrhage, with the name of the anatomical situation^
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of ioflammation is expressed by the term lobar pneumonitis. Developed in
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James William Terrell, MD, a Wichita Falls physician for more
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chlorpheniramine maleate decreases the symptoms of watering eyes, post nasal drip
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ing area of 200,000 located 50 miles from Dallas. Salary guarantee
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These forms, reprinted from the American Medical Association’s publication,
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Give us a call and let us show you how to improve the effi-
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Bactrim continues to demonstrate high clinical effec-
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develops, substitute a thiazide alone, restrict K+ intake Asso-
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duction may participate in an abnormality of gastrointestinal
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•evere and grave affection than in the adult, claims less vigorous measures.
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correction of the deformity was 26%. Pain was reduced sig-
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bullae similar to the skin lesion were demonstrated in his
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anatomical causes (6 89, or 7%), physiological causes
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24. Enterline P, DeCoufle P, Henderson V: Mortality in relation to occupa-
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for gastrointestinal irritation, undiluted large single doses (30 ml or
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thophysiology, and clinical medicine of the organ systems,
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uated in 1949. Following an internship at Brackenridge
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it8hoDldl>e limited to one pathological condition, viz., obstruction of the
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Physical signs, whenever these are available in the diagnosis of a disease,
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to their patients; (2) information to other physicians who may
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proved bowel prep standards. As these improved standards
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▼orable, in view of the fact that in many, if not most parts of the world,
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Sid W. Richardson Institute for Preventive Medicine
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provement in exercise ability in most patients. Whereas 1 2 of
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Limited to Diseases and Surgery of the Retina and Vitreous
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and aplastic anemia have been reported with thiazides Tri-
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the treatment of Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome. Am J Psychiat
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14. For previous Medicine and the Law articles on this topic, see 1 Physi-
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the use of intravenous antivenin and supportive medical
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following discontinuation of either component alone have been reported
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farction, or cerebrovascular accidents. The mortality figures
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Charter Member and Fellow American Society of Clinical Hypnosis