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stance where, in the adult man, a deficiency of food

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Pregnancy and the puerperium not only invite the attack in the

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Manley; Mr Cockey ; Mr. G. Mallett ; Mr. MacCarthy ; Dr.

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Exclusive of these four cases, we have in sixty-seven

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irig, be may be able to smoke without fear the rest oi his days. Cer-

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opinion we may have of Dr. Hunter as a practitioner

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thology confirms principles already in use so far as

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the nasal orifice with figure-of-8 sutures, as in the

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Percussion reveals a tympanitic and metallic sound with the dul-

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member should be allowed to do while receiving sick

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that in this town, where the field of observation, as

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topics, styled the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Mon-

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done twice before in Germany ; but the patients sur-

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finement, for an hour daily, along with the diseased

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hear me, that the act of suicide bears a very different

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remarkable and instructive fact is simply this. The

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* Keport on Cattle Plagiie, by Professor Simonds, pp. 65-fi.

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and self-sacrificing profession, we have given to the