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Botritioas diet may be allowed. Cathartics, diuretids, and rubefacients are
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the latter affection be relieved or removed, the asthmatic attacks become
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WANTED: PEDIATRICIAN, West Houston area. Telephone number
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ethnic composition of 30% Hispanic and 7% Black. During
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ance is greater because there is more danger of death by asthenia, and, in
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60. DuCharme DW, Freyburger WA, Graham BE, et al: Pharmacologic
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Medicolegal Symposium. 2-5pm, Rooms N224-227, Dallas Con-
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hypoglycemia in patients; cross-sensitivity with these agents may exist. In rats, long-
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appears that zinc is antagonistic to calcium, tending to inhibit
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He was born in El Oro, Mexico, completed high school in
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body surface with plastic bags containing ice in the wake of a
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Section on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 8am-4:30pm, Room
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that certain diseases have been traced to the action of this poison. The
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up to 5 mg (I V. preferred). Children 5 years plus , 1 mg every 2 to 5 min., up
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Fundamentals of Practical Therapeutics. Main Auditorium, Baylor
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precautions as those for quimdme (See Dru g Interactions )
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clothes have been tailored to fit a trimmer body. Yet he em-
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tion has no special characteristics. The severity and danger are not owing
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toms are not too severe and the patient is conscious, gastric
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live measles vaccine on or after the first birthday, or must
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He is survived by his wife, Enriqueta Ramos Fantony,
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about interference with full expression of active immunity
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experience, seeks solo, group or partnership practice in metro area.
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creas causing nearly total obstruction at the second portion
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little inconvenience for an indefinite period, and even through a long life.
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Dr Clarke, a native of Memphis, Tenn, received a bachelor
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give to the different diseases their individuality will be noticed hereafter.
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It is providing more than 10,000 reference requests,
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