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to local pathology: spasticity caused by upper motor

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The intrinsic tendency of a disease to recovery, or otherwise, is to be con-

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1978-1979. The clinical significance of in vitro data is unknown.

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these conclusions is, that some poisonous miasms emanate from the soil.

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to help push the lock gates, it would be a fine trip."

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secure their remedial agency without exposing our patients to a calamity

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cits are focal and are confined to the anatomical distribution

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Section on Allergy. 8am-4:30pm, Room E405, Dallas Convention

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ciully susceptible to the dust oif grain and that arising when carpeted rooms

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city of 4500, new hospital and new schools. Luther R. Gohlke, MD,

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Physical Therapy. Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy,

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tissues not involved in the inflammation. Thus, in serous inflammations, the

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ertional myocardial ischemia and of left ventricular function.

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Active in the Texas Medical Association, Dr Ruilmann was

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tional activity. The stomach, for example, receives a much larger quantity

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and/or ST-segment shifts during exercise in this study sug-

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Symposium on Genetics. 2-5pm, Room E405, Dallas Convention

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infiltrates developed lucent areas which were interpreted as

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gency Ballroom C, Hyatt Regency Hotel. Fee none. Category 1 ,

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K«e to retam. The amount of damage which the lungs have sustained, as

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Auditory Brain Stem Response in Clinical Practice. Neurosensory

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aee like that of a coin, and, hence, are called nummular sputa. The sputa

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nausea and vomiting, indigestion, constipation, abdominal cramps or pain, fullness of Gl

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ized by notable augmentation of the small white bodies called globulins ;

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^ Ihs habitual. Moreover, the existence of heart-lesions adequate to the

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gynecomastia, menstrual upset. Hematopoietic System: Bone marrow depression, agranulo-

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aneurysm to the left of the aortic arch. Mild hemoptysis de-

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has a tendency to eventuate in pulmonary tuberculosis. I am satisfied that

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residency in psychiatry. He practiced psychiatry in Memphis

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provision of primary care; (2) they practice holistic medicine;

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needed in Dallas and Houston. Group and solo opportunities with

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Overdosage: Immediately hospitalize patient suspected of having taken an

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14. For previous Medicine and the Law articles on this topic, see 1 Physi-