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tion of some Greek or Latin writer, and make out of those few
meclizine side effects 25mg
Begins (1, 1 r°. [page 1] lines 1-6): Rotulus Cartarum et Cyrograforum Normannie | Anno
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resented to have died of it of late. -A plant is found in the Western
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In the space left for the initial C in a somewhat later hand : Henrici | Archidiaconi | Huntin-
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Binding : Limp olive green (faded) morocco, most of the quires are loose.
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being, from the loss of blood , much relaxed, and she almost
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a state of commotion. The fruitless efforts which have been hereto
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there ever had been, a Medical Institution in the city of New York.
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and water is then tried, but to no purpose, as these materials will turn in-
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newly instituted funding for this, and subsequent yearbooks,
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Green's, I should most probably have had the pleasure of saving
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to all the minute regulations established to restrain his more youthful
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to 12, 2 r°.) 1-63, cropped, but clean and well preserved. Early Cent. XVIII.
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better informed inhabitants of the empire, whilst, as is usual
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produced such forcible contraction of the uterus as to cause
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telligent. In the effort made on that occasion, we exposed, from
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Four paper fly-leaves (iii 4 .), iii, 3. made, hi, 4. attached. Two marbled-paper fly-leaves
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side alone," while in congestion "there is scarcely ever complete
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On the first page of the volume is this title : " Index in Horatium." 4to.
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To the I Hunterian Museum | Glasgow | Windsor | 23d June 1813.
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lowing account, given in Lambc/s Essay on Spring Water, will be
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Editor on the Nature and Import of Stools in Disease. 395
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twice or three times a day for five or ten minutes.
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ing, while they divide the matter, render it uncertain to us, yet we
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Collation: Four paper fly-leaves (i 4 .), i, I. formerly attached. || i 2 , 2 4 -25 4 . || One paper
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was applied to the vesicated surface. In a half hour or less, the patient
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This last case is another example of the danger of making an incis-
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whether the regurgitant stream, or the current from auricle to
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ish the proportion of red tissues, and lower the vitality of the system.