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meclizine (bonine antivert dramamine)
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which, received into the system of man, or another animal, gives rise to
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TWIN-K (potassium gluconate and potassium citrate) is a palatable
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enlargement, galactorrhea and minor menstrual irregularities in the female
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has important anatomical differences, or differs as regards its functions.
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Glenn E. Davis, MD, Director, Sunbelt Physician Placement Service,
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Graves’ ophthalmopathy. A clinical and immunologic re-
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tion has brought about a decline in infant mortality, and more
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ing his childhood and attended Waco public schools. After
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family physician also raised prize-winning Beefmaster cattle
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ton Hotel, Houston. Fee TBA. Category 1 , AMA Physician’s Recogni-
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Your Committee on Association Insurance Programs meets at least thr€
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^llit— Br<»ehitia with Bzndation of Fibrin — Ciroamscribed Bronchitis — Chronic Bron-
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granted to researchers today comes from the federal govern-
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individual merit and the availability of other material. Reviews usually
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Dallas/ Ft. Worth. Work with excellent hospital facilities. Group
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implied by the Greek description, asbestos is virtually inde-
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stage, is snperflnous, for the existence of snch a stage cannot be predicated
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Otherwiiie, is thus to be made in each individual case, and based, of course,
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approximately 0.5 to 0.7 (x wide and ranges from 2 to 20 p. or
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this inqnirj, the morbid conditions relating to fibrin will first claim attention.
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ticular spot which IB to be preferred above all others. Observation sliows
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CULUGlblS wanted for rapidly growing multi-specialty group in
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depression have concomitant symptoms of anxiety. 12 One author found a distinct
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Faye Anderson, 1833 Filmore, San Francisco, CA 94120
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ment with long-standing psychologic implications for the
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condition remains satisfactory In addition to a nar-
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Febrile morement is coincident with the derelopment of the inflammation.
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certain extent, by removing accessory or co-operating caoses. It is in this
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1111 West 34th Street, Suite 207, Austin, Texas 78705; 459-3258
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of amphetamines and related drugs may be associated with varying degrees of psychologic de-
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was the only organized group that contributed to his first