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elevated serum K + Two deaths have been reported with

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with reference to their clinical pharmacology and use.

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illness. 9 11 For example, Pitts found the suicide rate to be

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on morphine or other narcotics. The abuse liability of

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the nervous filaments and vesiclea being diminished by defective nutrition

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membrane could iu some places be stripped from this chondroid formation.

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2. Rippon JW: Medical Mycology. Philadelphia, W. B Saunders Co, 1974,

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structing the best possible lease for you individually, keeping consistent with a residual that would provide for ''turn-over"

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liquid either is accumulating or remains stationary, and the other embracing

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Mme as in bronchitis, in so far as they relate to the mncons membrane. The

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ficiency, patients on prolonged corticosteroid therapj

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Pediatric Neurology for Pediatricians. 9am -1 2pm, Room E408,

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responsibility and potential liability as now applies when he

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^ureolar tissue is less abundant in early life. The epiglottis frequently par-

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1 of the Physician’s Recognition Award of the American Medical As-

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1916. He served as a lieutenant in the US Naval Reserve

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ulation. J Health Polit Policy Law 5: 142-151 , 1980.

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prior to the softening and discharge of the tuberculous matter. The circum-

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ed. Jarvik ME. New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1977, p. 316 2. Schatzberg AF, Cole JO Benzodiaze-

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system. I have now for many years ceased to employ these remedies for

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nephews, one nephew being Earl Bellamy, MD, Paris, Tex.

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Before prescribing, please consult complete product Information, a summary of

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divided into two classes: serpentine and amphibole. The for-

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