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With respect to causative influences pertaining to other pulmonary affec-
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periarteritis nodosa and L.E. phenomenon. Due to certain chemical similarities to some
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and digestion may not be notably impaired ; the body, for a considerable
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Richard S. Ruiz, MD. FACS Paul C. Salmonsen, MD, FACS
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and/or exfoliative dermatitis may occasionally occur.
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not use small veins, i.e., dorsum of hand or wrist. Use extreme careto avoid
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the genitourinary system were consistently encountered with
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We regret that transmittal letters not containing the foregoing lan-
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model, color and equipment) and we'll find and deliver it to you. at your office or ours, or to your residence at your request!
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are impaired in proportion to the amount of degeneration. Affecting thus
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general, and, second, local. General disea[iBes are those which involve more or
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recovery. The circumstances which denote, on the one band, a favorable,
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in Texas. The new administration, in fact, is recommending a
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vision have been reported If these develop, discontinue Motrin and the patient should
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4:30pm, Rooms N222-223; Dallas Convention Center, Fee none
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UT Health Science Centers at Dallas, Houston and San Antonio; and
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unhappiness, and irritability; (2) low self-esteem, self-de-
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flmits of experience in our day, which so many are striving to develop, will
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otindindual diseases, as the elementary tissues either constitute or combine
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torgescence of the cervical veins. Symptomatic phenomena, aside from
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the immediate needs of the physician’s patients.” 7
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ment for sale. Retiring due to age and health. Located in medical
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laboratory. Will join two busy certified internists practicing in east
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is hardly an adequate explanation of all cases of pulmonary extravasation.