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topics, including “Allocation of Health Resources," "Costs,”

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practitioners, the Author ventures to hope that it may be found to

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phone number to Ad-226, TEXAS MEDICINE, 1801 North Lamar Blvd.,

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following criteria: (1 ) idiopathic scoliosis; (2) age 1 1 -1 9

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carbidopa-levodopa 25-100 tab half life

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there is impaired renal function. Bactrim may prolong

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available. Hypotension or muscular weakness possible, particularly when

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Sunset , 23 still have the freedom to practice medicine and to

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Many years experience funding leases for Doctors reflects repayment liabilities limited to minimum exposure therefore

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Two articles in the February 1 981 issue of Texas Medicine,

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Professor Charles Umlauf — waits patiently to remind every

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Keegan, MD, Dept of Urology, Scott & White Hospital, Temple, TX

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• is experiencing problems coping with patients or

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It is important to realize that there is a risk of fulminant

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eosinophilic. These reactions are usually reversible on discontinu-

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lawfully employed physician’s license to practice medicine.

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ahhoagh not great, is an important symptom in a diagnostic point of view.

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6-20 hours per week For further information contact Pat Kennedy,

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Contact Howard L. Mott, Malone and Hogan Clinic, 1501 West 11th

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program with the patient. Although I share a concern that

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^wo cases analyzed by Dr. W^are, nineteen proved fatal. Even if the affection

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4. A host of affections which involve expenditure of other constituents of

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9am-5pm, Room E410, Dallas Convention Center. Fee none. Cate-

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change, clinical observation shows that, in many cases at least, it suflBces for

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2. Hawkins DB, Demeter MJ, Barnett TE: Caustic ingestions: controver-

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certainly derived as much advantage from this class, of late years, as from

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simultaneous ingestion of alcohol and other CNS de-

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10. Seidman H, Selikoff IJ, Hammond EC: Short-term asbestos work ex-

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WANTED: PEDIATRICIAN, West Houston area. Telephone number

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