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Symposium on Cardiovascular Diseases. 8:30am-5pm, Rooms

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tion were to end fatally, it would be by apnoea, assuming that pleuritis is

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cancellations should be sent to Advertising Manager,

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experienced severe hypersensitivity reactions when treated with a

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■ Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, San An-

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important. Possible benefits from applied research may be

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strains; the Knoxville strain is the prototype. Serotype II in-

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cal personnel certified by the Texas Department of Health is

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Herbert V: Nutrition Cultism: Facts and Fictions. Phila-

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Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription.

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administered at doses higher than 10 mg/kg (higher than 1.25 times the

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8-10 gms/dl should be maintained by such transfusions.

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dation until his death and missed only one annual meeting in

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located 150 miles south of San Antonio, and one mile from Mexican

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Precautions: Blurred and/or diminished vision, scotomata, and/or changes in color

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with highly selective, reversible defects in sarcolemmal ionic

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drawal syndrome in individuals physically dependent

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the reporting and control of these diseases Full committee will study

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further information please call Rudy Davila, 512 226-5293, Davila

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24. Bikhazi HB, Thompson ER, Shumrick DA: Caustic ingestion: current

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sician’s Recognition Award; 1 6 hours. Contact William S. Harris, MD,

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properly, and this may be met with resistance and hostility by

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Physician's Recognition Award. Contact Marily Rennels, Medical

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often be avoided by taking care to avoid exposure to the night air and bj

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are adjunctive therapy for the symptomatic relief of pain, itching and

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tributing artery may produce wasting of parts which are deprived of a normal

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Harris County Medical Society, Dr Wright began a general

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patient falls speedily into a moribund state, and this unexpected change is