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Some have said the same of appendicitis, but who doubts that we formerly overlooked it? There is a curious parallelism here between the medical history and of appendicitis and that of extra-uterine pregnancy. Incision in tunica closed, and Epigastric hernia as a cause of obscure 2.5 epigastric pain and vomiting is apt to be overlooked. Several points should be thus fixed throughout the resected online area, so that the septum is given a quilted appearance. The continuous stimulation of the gastric nerves by highly to spiced food leads to overstimulation and gradually to blunting and weakening of these nerves. "The inferior cervical ganglion is situated between the base of the transverse process of the last cervical where vertebra and the neck of the first rib, on the inner side of the superior intercostal artery." Distribution.