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in greater or less number, are called hydatids or acephalocysts. The history

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riers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Biophysica Chemica Acta

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sions appeared on the arms. Biopsies of two of these lesions

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the left upper abdomen, the splenoperitoneal folds should be

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and in boxes containing 10 strips of 10, Prescription Paks of 50.

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particularly in those who previously demonstrated penicillin

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S° r ‘ h m ~ y l er K /^ edlcare an<3 Blue Cross approved. 45-bed hospital.

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sented to the new recipient by the member currently holding

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relates to future family planning. This is especially important

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gist, and orthopedic surgeons. Family physicians, internist, pediatri-

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Perinatal Seminar. Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, Lubbock, Fee

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the management is to cut off or diminish the supply of sugar in the food.

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portion of the clot which contains the globules. Now, the continuity of the

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some cases, irrespective of any treatment ; for, in his day, the natural history

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5959 Harry Hines Blvd., St. Paul Professional Bldg. Suite 620.

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inch in diameter. Anatomists are not agreed whether they are cells or solid

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As regards the amount of deposit, it varies much at the outset, in different

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Professional association. Many fringe benefits for well-qualified in-

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private practice. Available immediately. Prefer semi rural or suburban

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course covering basic information in personnel management, patient

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20 mEq per day while therapeutic doses range from 30 mEq

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or less of the entire body. This sometimes follows perforating wounds of the

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caria, erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, alopecia; Special Senses:

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tkeniic branckiiii. Finally, bronchitis occurs as an epidemic, and is then

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have also recently reported improved thallium 201 uptake in

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have had only 1-4 doses of meprobamate and have not had

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PATHOLOGIST — Must be certified in AP and CP or eligible. Must be

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caused by the Passage of Calculi along the Ureter, or Nephritic Colic, and Li-

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Discontinue several days before surgery. Limit concomitant administration of

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Workshop in Soft Tissue Surgery (Clinical Practice and Update in

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from the International Platform Association, will capture the

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notice, briefly, these remaining constituents as arranged in the groups just

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Methodist Hospital and the Veterans Administration Hospital,