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tributed throughout all the tissues ; face flushed ; extensive
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is also found scattered in other organs, and to a slight extent, probably, also
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The meningo -medullary irritation produced by splinters
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The curare here proved was prepared in the pharmacy of
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Kenneth, born December 20, 1885, a surgeon, in practice in New
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charge of the New York Lying-in Asylum, and one of the
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attraction in the work have be«n the many pleasant personal
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clinic Med. Jnl., July, 1897); "Murphy Button versus Absorbable
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Hydrogen peroxide is excellent in these cases. In its
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while in others all escaped. In some families it passed like a
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education. He prepared at Phillip's Academy, Andover. Massa-
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influence is specific also, and not exerted through the exhaustion
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penetrating under the tendon of the quadriceps, going across
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abscesses, sometimes enormous, are of a decidedly inflam-
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he was also elected to fill the Chair of Obstetrics, making
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and waters of the Chesapeake. He ever after loved a
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menses were irregular and painful; the flow excessive, black, and
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duction of these " observations " as a wise and useful precaution.
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after the fifth day, the probability of infection having taken
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Tincture of iodine is at present the best and safest disinfectant
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these are exceptional. The mucous membrane of the lips, the gums, and the
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in the entire history of the world. If these persecutions and
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rheumatism actually deserve their name. It is certainly quite appropriate in
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of aponeurosis traversed by the bullet before reaching the
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after building up the work to satisfactory proportions and
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rection, and the breath, in escaping from the mouth, passed out
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Vital Tenacity ; " and one by Dr. Barr, on " The Mechanics of
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weight of the most important treatment of the wounded
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In the most comminuted fractures, neither very extensive
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are therefore obliged to regard the condition as the result of an unusually
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The indefatigable secretary of the Boston society has commis-
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the capsule forward on the eye, and thus advance its attach-
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J. U. Lloyd of Cincinnati, who is, I hope I may be permitted to
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Peter John Gibbons was born in Honesdale, "Wayne county, Penn-
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mounted on an ebonized wood pedestal — to each of the physicians mentioned.
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the bladder. Arum* relieved at once, and he made a rapid
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