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test (GTT) yields a greater percentage of expected abnor-

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other adverse reactions seen in adults. Thiazides appear and

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Physicians will enjoy a stimulating clinical practice in

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especially at the commencement of the paroxysm. The pulse is small and

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nessed a change in the epidemiology of some of these ill-

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Ider diuretics in congestive heart failure. Carmovas-

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2V2-year survival in excess of 95%. 3 Thus, the relative risk of

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Intermediate Electrocardiography. 9am- 12pm, 2-5pm; Regency

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Bactrim, Blood dyscrasias: Agranulocytosis, aplastic

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Our study evaluates the utilization and distribution of

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exist, not only without reduction,. but with more or less increase of size.

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patient’s behalf, provides a written consent to release

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PROGRAM DIRECTORS: Denton A, Cooley, MD; Carlos M de

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for-service with guarantee and usual fringes including malpractice in-

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stdynamia or great depression of the powers of life.

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pital. Salary of $47,000 plus liberal fringe benefits, including state

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pressants. Withdrawal symptoms similar to those with

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are highly localized and are limited to the territory of a small

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tient’s medical condition, an individual is either alive or dead

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32. Allen RE, Thoshinsky MJ, Stallone RJ, et al: Corrosive injuries of the

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'Significantly different from the urban site mean at p<.05.

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human campylobacteriosis Proceedings of the International Congress of Che-

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scribed for patients is advised, especially with those patients

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FDA has classified the indications as follows: 'Possibly'' effec-