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many polymorphonuclear white cells were noted in the lung.

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Excellent call. Contact Gabriel Fried, MD, ABFP, 15111 Preston Road

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L. Mott, Malone and Hogan Clinic, 1501 West 11th Place, Big Spring,

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1 965; Dr Jarrett E. Williams in 1 971 ; Dr Richard B. Johns in

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Attempts have been made to relate the DIC, hemolytic ane-

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4;30pm, Rooms N222-223, Dallas Convention Center. Fee none.

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Hospital, 2401 S 31 st St, Temple, TX 76508 81 7/774-21 1 1 ext 2364

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the Office of Medical Education, Texas Medical Association, 1 801

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cinoma, and ferruginous body counts in amosite asbestos workers: a study of

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early diagnosis of asbestos-associated pulmonary disease.

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generally may present little or no disturbance. Different cases exemplify aU

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By the term emphysema, however, as applied to the pulmonary organs, is

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experience in a modern local health department, a Texas Public Health

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The University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management 110

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shown inflammatory changes in the colonic mucosa indis-

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Copyright © 1978, McGraw-Hill Book Company Used with permission of

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TEXAS MEDICINE, 1801 North Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas

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a previous contact with the drug Previous history of allergy

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A Beaumont native, Dr Sutton received his premedical ed-

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other situations, giving rise, in certain cases, to the form of peritonitis called

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toms sufficient to meet the criteria of a full syndrome. Per-

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pyaemia. The pulse is rapid and weak. The feebleness of the circnlation

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idfisable to effect the removal of the liquid by paracentesis.

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Physical Therapy. Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy,

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education, continuing education, and nursing and allied

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of the x chromosome (Fig 1 ). It is technically referred to as

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envenomation has occurred, 1 particularly among young chil-

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CoBgeniUl Malfonnations — Thre« classes of Lesions, tIs : Lesions of Quantity, of Consist-

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not of size. Hence, the proper designation of the process by which morbid