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such accident as this are pain at the heart with, sense of extreme

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one to be employed. It seems that only by very discriminatingly bal-

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other congenital anomalies. Among the most frequent of these anom-

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were weak and intermittent, but no signs of valvular disease could be

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the early part of the clinical course, shortly after the accident, and is

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semblance in the latter respect between negroes and Icelanders ; yet the

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General nervousness is also an almost constant symptom and the

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Balneology and Hydrotherapeutics. Dr. Hermann Weber and Dr. Parkes

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vena cava is characterized by a sudden onset of severe symptoms.

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in all groups. In white female population it is highest in the age

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increased excretion of urea. The rate of excretion rapidly augmented

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ture. No operation should ever be undertaken while the pile is in an

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markedly with the fat content of ingested food. On a fat-poor diet

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attention also. Thus in the third year there are definite records for

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perhaps detect a pulsation which is not evident to the eye. If a pul-

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at Serdobol in Finland, in which Sievers 176 records that a teacher and

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with its increase of pain on inspiration, both affections prevailing

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part of the Third Report of the Robert M. Thompson Pellagra Commission of

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and one 0.5 c.c. Therefore in this protocol more cases became nega-

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Accidental Murmurs. — In the interpretation of murmurs the so-

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or replaced by the murmurs lately described. If the aorta has become

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matic or surgical phlebitis arises from external infection; in other

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danger. At the same time it should be made plain to a patient that

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closely resemble those of angina pectoris manifest on repeated exam-

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venules may in some cases be seen dilated and varicose. In late stages,

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ammonia-nitrogen ratio and the hydrogen ion concentration showed

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described. Coronary atheroma with arteriosclerosis is evidenced by

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these cases of acute rheumatism, which shows up in one or the other of

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The attack may cease as suddenly as it began, leaving usually

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would abate. He had had no hemoptysis or other symptoms except for a sen-

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blood the spleen may be, white cell counts were made of the splenic-

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The diagnosis is readily established, as a rule, and the interest of

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