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informed consent to treatment is required generally before
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Hemorrhoidal Suppositories with Hydrocortisone Acetate
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6. Roy CC, Silverman A: Pediatric clinical gastroenterology, ed 2, C.V.
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of the part or parts affected. Atrophy induced in this way is seen in the
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former clinical professor of dermatology at Southwestern
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or dispensed at one time in order to minimize the possibility of overdosage. Reports suggest that
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However, I can produce dependence if patients do not fol-
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the inflammation which results in these adhesions is subacute, and probably
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sis — ^Prognosis — Treatment — Pleuritis with Pneumothorax — Anatomical Charaoters — Clini-
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eral funds" since the Secretary of State refused to grant
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censed physicians to form nonprofit corporations which can
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WANTED: PHYSICIANS. KINNEY COUNTY: County of 2,000 plus popu-
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already provides funds indirectly for the support of medical
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the immediate needs of the physician’s patients.” 7
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intravascular volume and compromised cerebral and cardiac
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1 . A classification and outline of cerebrovascular diseases II. Stroke
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Description: Each Anusol-HC Suppository contains hydrocortisone ace-
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require change in dosage level (see DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRA-
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children. Reports are increasing in the literature, however,
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