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oped 0.5 mm ST changes with exercise. One patient demon-

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American Urological Association, May 10-24, 1981 Richard Hanm-

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and is disproved by the following fact : The introduction of pus-corpuscles

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rather than antrectomy and truncal vagotomy because this

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by the State of Texas. (Following the passage of Texas’ new

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It is providing more than 10,000 reference requests,

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than the fact 'that peculiar traits of physiognomy or mental character are

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Clain A (ed): Hamilton Bailey’s Demonstrations of Physical

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and the antiinflammatory action of hydrocortisone acetate in Anusol-HC

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resulted in a standardized value of 45.64 ± 4.7 meters per

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Affairs, ETSU, Commerce, Texas 75428; 214 886-5083.

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tion or localizer technique. A second cast was routinely

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ciation, P.O. Box 5961, San Angelo, Texas 76902; 915 658-1511.

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procedure effectively reduces gastric acidity, causes the

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and schedule of drug administration, and information con-

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demarcation between more or less intensity of the so-called sanguine temper-

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this regard. Intravenous phentolamine (Regitine - ) has been suggested on pharmacologic

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Programs for Weight Reduction • Physical Fitness • Stress Management

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the central nervous system and the dose of virus in-

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Telephone: (Area Code 512) Office 696-2390 Medical Exchange 227-6331

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convalescence and subsequent feebleness. The cases of different inflamma-

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ex. 480; or send resume to Robert Bucci, MD, Heights Hospital, 20th

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packages of 100, available in trays of 4 reverse-num-

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Richard S. Ruiz. MD. FACS Paul C. Salmonsen. MD. FACS

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Material for Texas Medicine may be sent to the Executive Editor,

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Diplomate American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery

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nostic points embraced in the clinical history, viz., the character of thecongh

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tending psychiatrists or staff to see less pathology in their

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This is because the Nurse Practice Act provides for a method

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well-developed ambulatory care clinic and a modern medical school-

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mesenteric giands goes to sustain the opinion now heid by physiologists, viz.,

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the upper respiratory tract. However, most of the severe

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tion where the patient, a mentally retarded 67-year-old, (1 )

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As regards appetite and digestion, there is much diversity in different

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dent of the Texas Thoracic Society and the Texas Tuber-

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ease. 8 Characteristically, the onset of symptoms is sudden

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pus-corpuscle is such as to prevent its passage through the coats of the ves-

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source of4,he causative miasms is in the soil ; because, of the elements which

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100 Hermann Professional Bldg., Houston, Texas 77030; 713 790-0540

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impaired renal or hepatic function Because of the possibility of suicide in

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one of the situations of dropsy in cases of degenerative lesions of the kidneys

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Each individual unit of plasma has been found nonreac-