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5. Superintendent of Belchertown State School vs Saikewicz, 370 NE 2d

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fatty tissue. Hypertrophy of this tissue, or, in other words, increase of the

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In Texas there are four residential camps for children with

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ing clinic building owned and managed by a local nonprof-

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cm, has allowed safe visualization of the esophagus and

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DHEW Publication 73-78, Public Health Service, 1974.

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If. D., in which the writer gives the results in 1249 oases, the recoveries being 294.

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1 Members of the House Government Organizations Committee confer during hearings on the Medical

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CNS visual disturbances, including blurred vision with scotomata photophobia

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Principles contained in the Vapor of Expiration — Retention of Excrementitions

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cases 1 had been reported through January 1980. This con-

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tality from circulatory disease. Fertil Steril 35 : 277, 1981

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of clinic (single and multi-specialty) management. Wishes to locate

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• Rapid and prolonged relief of nasal and sinus congestion

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profound depression and respiratory paralysis. Death has been

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; Academic Health Center, El Paso, Fee $30, physicians; $20, non-

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13-16, 1981, Howard N, Schulz, 150 N Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL

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obtain that information by questioning the person with-

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headings are limited to those specialties designated by

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terial emboli and thrombi. Surg Gynecol Obstet 166:241, 1963.

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Martyn O. Hotvedt, PhD, Office of Continuing Medical Education, The

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Two MDs, 3 DOs in practice. Office and lake house available. 12

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on campus and include the disciplines of anatomy, biochem-

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9896 Bissonnet/Two #340, Houston, Texas 77036 or 713 771-5011.

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achieved Contraindicated during acute recovery phase following myocardial

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Opium in Acute Pleuritis and other Acute Inflammations — Measures indicated

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of LaGrange, to guide the Medical Practice Act through the

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(generally responds promptly to drug discontinuation; see PRECAUTIONS).

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ings must run for a minimum of six months. A discount of

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patient by cardiac or respiratory arrest. . . . (This) would

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tified physicians are moving to smaller towns and rural areas,

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Contact Carol Whitcomb, Office of Continuing Medical Education,