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Paul Bennett, Administrator, Gladewater Municipal Hospital, 300 West
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pable changes is, in general, referable* to a defect in the nutrition of the
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Status epilepticus, severe recurrent convulsive seizures (I V route preferred),
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Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Adminis-
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Case 2: A 54-year-old man with diabetes had been hospi-
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New Developments in Electromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology. New
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land; son, Robert F. Wasson, Jr, San Francisco; and sister,
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ever, is apt to occur, at times, more or less frequently, during the first stage
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ease. 8 Characteristically, the onset of symptoms is sudden
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was in error for 83%. Similar conclusions regarding misdiag-
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of myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, subacute bacterial
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following statistics: of the records of 1069 autopsies analyzed by Dr.
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reach of children Equagesic is nof recommended for pa-
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which have been reported. 1 36 Only half have histologic docu-
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czelwlon — Diffsrential Diagnosis — Prx>gnosis— Prognostics.
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is indicated if esophageal injury is strongly suspected.
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tions with which it is associated, are frequently obvious, but in some instances
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views, recommendations, and compromises. It incorporated
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tool which the pathologist can use to obtain chemical and
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mean winter temperature is said to be 50 degrees Fahrenheit
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hospital. Excellent hospital and office facilities in centrally located,
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comparison to phenothiazines, Limbitrol and its components have rarely been