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2. Experiments on animals showed that the oil reached the alveoli, and
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described under miliary tuberculosis — I mean in those cases where there
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by salicylate of soda that I have previously quoted from that
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with the proper action of the epiglottis." " Under this head, abscess of
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rhino-pharyngeal space as far as practicable; for in many instances the loca-
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those cases in which the disease, previously of a threatening form, has
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that are found in the sea air, the abundance of sunlight and of ozone, the
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methods, such as gradual dilatation with bougies, forcible divul-
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frontal bone, comminuting and removing the entire lesser wing with one-half
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more than 9.5 /". The various physical properties of the red corpuscles,
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many authorities, but on what evidence the present writer is at a loss to
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ogy is discussed. Indeed, the table of contents is too volumin-
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advice on the most efi^ective means of curing all types of rectal
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which were approved when Dr. Billings began his great work. Thus
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disturbed digestion, demanding the operative removal of the pus. Especially
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tioning elicits no recollection of any suffering. I do not mean
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by the aspirator, as demonstrated by the necessity of opening the pleura
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less a function of the State in the interest of self preservation to
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RiEDiNGER ( Wkner klinische Wochenschrift, No. 47, 1889) reports the case
glucotrol prescribing information
the conclusion inevitable that in the majority of the thirty-nine cases
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