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placing another electrode upon the outside for five minutes. In four
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vomiting. Under favorable treatment improvement may take place,
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delphia Hospital, Blockley, and at the University and Jeffer-
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Intestinal Obstruction. — Colono-enteric irrigation has been found
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Iiifduf Fecdnuj. liy ( 'j.iFFomj (i. Gkii.ek. A.M.. .M.l >.. As^istant
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carries from eighteen to twenty per cent, alcohol; Madeira,
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be diseased so much as no longer to eliminate in twenty-four
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sounds, signs of venous stasis, and indistinctness of the pulmonary sec-
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rior of fine, brown, motile granules in the form of pigment, and
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soak and poultice his hand and to return in twenty-four hours.
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cipliiic ('i)iiiiiiitrec lu eiKjiiirc into tliis matter and to jji-fseut their
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boiled fresh fish, and some plain fruit. Provided she is not
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this lavage is most successfully applied at bedtime, because it enables
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ing a congested state of the meninges, but it is neither usual for the
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upon physiological principles, offers the following results deduced from
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with the same effect of increasing tissue change. An interesting point
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not demand treatment, but if this number of stools be exceeded, the
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which he hopes to make convincing, and thus contribute to the saving
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the attacks and give up business. In consequence of this decision he became
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and I have by me now a good illustration, where, among the
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sugar, one soft egg, a moderate allowance of fish, ham, or
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over that family, observation, with the finding of a slight rise
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ing pressure and duration and decreasing temperature daily. This is
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making toast, what happens ? The toasting destroys all yeast
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Prognosis. — The prognosis of relapsing fever is good, but of "bil-
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baking-powder, enough soja-bean meal to make a stiff batter,
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necessary, the water being reduced in temperature five degrees each
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in absolute aseptic surroundings. Disinfect stools and urine
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In the lungs are found a variety of lesions peculiar to different compli- ,
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mild cases the toxic eff"ects of the disease may show themselves in the
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under the skin in various places, there may be " black eye"
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still rely on mercury and the iodides, as of old. Inunctions
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adapted to his peculiar needs, the genuine benefit being found
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Experience has convinced me that thorough irrigation of the large
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entirely encloses the stump, fittiui;' it \( rv accnratelv. It is at-