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supported investigators is difficult to obtain. Even veteran in-
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ically, the number of graduates opting for residency training
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ticle maintains that physicians should not profit from ordering
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of a group of operated idiopathic scoliosis patients who had
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Medical City Dallas, Suite 319. 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas 75230;
glucotrol xl 2.5
actions. This response develops, as a rule, in patients who
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didates, of which seven were successful. In the House of
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and mothers of isolated cases is shown in Fig 2. These data
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American Society of Anesthesiologists, New Orleans, Oct 1 7-21 ,
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son JC, Timbrell V (eds): Biological Effects of Asbestos, Lyon, IARC, pp
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Paperless Claims were paid in an average of just six working days. Current
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directors, who and what criteria govern the selection of
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The use of antiserum, as shown in this instance, appar-
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ness in the face of disease, why did he choose medicine as a
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to have an occluded right coronary graft at repeat cardiac
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eonsiderably the respiratory function, is characterized by habitually labored
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tice, the physician concludes that there is . . the
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2. Application of Cicero, 421 NYS 2d 965 (NY Sup Ct, Sept 5, 1 979).
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patient with obstructive airway disease or peripheral vascular
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tatory signs are available in the great majority of cases. And these, taken
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Holiday Lincoln-Mercury * 2300 West F reeway at Forest Park Blvd. • Ft. Worth, Tfexas 76101 • 817/335-6471
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E402-403, Dallas Convention Center, Fee $30, AMA members; $45,
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and expectoration, acceleration of the pulse, progressive emaciation, and loss
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were not made Skin rashes and allergic symptoms, including
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went on to The University of Texas Southwestern Medical
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••Based on total prescriptions filled for hemorrhoidal
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hypercoagulability has been reported by Robinette and
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renal failure resulting from 12,000 radiocontrast procedures,
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9039 Katy Freeway. Bldg. 200, St. 235, Houston, Texas 77024
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Peripheral Neuropathy. Toronto, W.B. Saunders Co, 1975, vol 2, pp
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the relief of angina pectoris (pain of coronary artery disease). It is not in-
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ucwoxi RM, Scheib ET, Mi sage «« ■ , m u„ ,^-y